Q: How many loops can I play at once?,

A: The Boomerang III can play up to 4 loops at once ( 3 right out of the box), either synced or completely independent of each other.


Q: Can I loop more than 1 section of music (i.e. verse, chorus, bridge)?

A: Yes, set the PlayStyle mode to “Serial/Serial Sync” and all your loops play after one another in any order you'd like. Boomerang has simplified the process by allowing the player to press one foot switch to simultaneously start a new loop while ending the previous loop track.


Q:  Does the Boomerang III have a quantization feature?

A:  Yes, if you start your looping performance with “Master Loop 3”, all additional loop tracks will sync to the timing of “Master Loop 3”. They can follow the exact length of “Master Loop 3” or be any multiple of it. (i.e. twice as long, three times as long, four times as long etc)


Q:  What instruments work with this looper?

A:  Anything that can send its audio out through a ¼ cable. Here are some examples (electric guitar, acoustic electric guitar, keyboards and synths, electric violin, vocal processors, mulit-fx processors, drum machines/samplers, recording interfaces and more.)


Q: Can I sync the Rang III to an external MIDI tempo from another device? 

A: Yes, MIDI clock will be received via the MIDI in port (pedal link in) on the back of the Rang III. When the Rang III is synced to an external clock/tempo source, the “Sync” light will flash in tempo. The following features sync to incoming tempo. 1) loop start and stop, 2) PlayStopAll, 3) Fade Time.


Q: What MIDI commands does the Rang III respond to? 

A: The Rang III only responds to MIDI commands from the Side Car controller and MIDI clock data. You can not change or customize the way Boomerang III responds to MIDI.


Q: Are the audio jacks balanced or unbalanced?

A: Unbalanced.


Q: What features can I control with an Expression Pedal?

A: Volume level of your loops or the decay rate.


Q: Recording time?

A: Sampling at 48KHz, the III records for 8 minutes 46 seconds in mono. Sampling at 24KHz, the time is 17 minutes 32 seconds. Record with 24KHz sampling and Octave active (half-speed), and recording time is over 35 minutes. Stereo recording cuts all times in half.


Q: Will the Rang™ III improve my social life?

A: We feel confident that you'll make a lot more friends. 


Q: Why, when I stack a new part, does my original part disappear?

A: This happens when the “Decay” setting is higher than “0”


Q: How do I save my settings so that they are the same after power cycling my III? 

A: Press and Hold the “Bonus Assign Mode” button until the “4” LED flashes green, then press and hold it a second time until the LED stops flashing.


Q: What settings can I save on the Boomerang III? 

A: All volume settings, decay time, fade time, play style mode, and bonus button settings.


Q: What volume setting is unity gain? 

A: Unity gain is 7 on all volume knobs. 


Q: How do I update the firmware on my old Boomerang Phrase III Sampler?

A: That info is listed on the FIRMWARE section of this site. 


Q: How do I know which Firmware is installed on my Boomerang III

A: That info is listed on the FIRMWARE section of this site.  


Q: Compact flash cards?

A: There is no card slot for removable media.