Green Tag Open Box Inventory

Green Tag Open Box Inventory

Our Green Tag products are 100% functional with a few minor cosmetic blemishes. Blemishes may consist of minor scratches, smudges, discolorations, physical imperfections or nothing you may even notice.  All Green Tag products are fully tested by our technicians to ensure the highest quality.   

All Sales On Green Tag Products Are Final

Green Tag products are FINAL SALE. Exceptions are the following reasons: 

  1. The product arrives DOA. 
  2. The product arrives damaged from shipping.  

Please note DOA or damaged green tag products need to be reported within 3 business days

90 Day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Boomerang Looper LLC will honor a 90 day FULL WARRANTY covering manufacturing defects ONLY.  Refer to our warranty policies section at the bottom of this webpage for further details on warranty service and restrictions. 


The product box of your Green Tag item may vary from the original box to a generic non-labeled box. 

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